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NDT - Magnetic Particle Testing

Nondestructive Testing-Magnetic Particle Testing course covers various topics, including:

  • Principles of Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Effects of Discontinuities of Materials
  • Principles of Demagnetization
  • Equipment Selection
  • Discontinuities
  • Magnetic Particles and Methods of Application
  • Magnetization by Means of Electric Current
  • Inherent Discontinuities
  • Evaluation Techniques
  • Quality Control

Includes Level 1 & 2. Class will be held Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, 6-10 p.m.

Course Pre-Requisite

Level 2 Visual

Course Length

Course Length
20 hours

Maximum Attendee

Maximum Attendee

Minimum Attendee

Minimum Attendee

Pass/Fail Required

Pass/Fail Required