MTC Career Path

The Maritime Training Center Career Path is designed to guide you through the various courses we offer to obtain the credentials necessary to begin a new career in structural fitting or welding. Starting with Step 1 (Maritime Foundations) you will gain the stackable knowledge and credentials you need to be ready for employment.

When you complete Step 2 (NCCER Core Curriculum), you will earn an NCCER Level completion and wallet card that you can present to potential employers.

After you complete Step 3, (NCCER Structural Fitting or NCCER Structural Welding) you can advance your skills by taking pipefitting or pipe welding. 

The videos below feature two of our former students.  Listen to their stories and learn how following the MTC Career Path changed their lives. 

After you’ve watched the videos, read through the steps and the course descriptions below.  For additional information, check out our course catalog under the Individual Training tab.

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 What is a Shipfitter?  Joshua Gates Testimony

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