NCCER Structural Welding

If you have already completed the NCCER Core Curriculum, you can apply for Structural Welding and be accepted upon verification of your credentials.

This course covers the following NCCER Structural Welding Levels 1 & 2 modules:

Oxyfuel Cutting (29102):
Explains the safety requirements for oxyfuel cutting. Identifies oxyfuel cutting equipment and setup requirements. Explains how to light, adjust, and shut down oxyfuel equipment. Trainees will perform cutting techniques that include straight line, piercing, bevels, washing, and gouging.

SMAW Equipment & Setup (29107): Describes SMAW welding and welding safety. Explains how to connect welding current and setup arc welding equipment. Identifies and explains using tools for cleaning welds.

GMAW & FCAW Equipment & Filler Metals (29205): Describes general safety procedures for GMAW and FCAW. Identifies GMAW and FCAW equipment and explains the filler metals and shielding gases used to perform GMAW and FCAW. Explains how to set up and use GMAW and FCAW equipment and how to clean GMAW and FCAW welds.


Additional Info

  • Min Attendee: 4
  • Max Attendee: 16
  • Course Length: 480 hours (days) 240 hours (nights)

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