Here are some testimonials from our clients:

I am writing to give feedback on my 15 week night welding class that I attended at AIDT. As we were introduced to safety Mr. Lee was a very through instructor and really made valid and excellent points on why safety is so important. He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. Mr. Terrence Jones taught a couple of classes on basic employment skills which was beneficial because it made us understand some of the maritime issues. Mr. Ron was our math teacher and covered a couple other topics. I really enjoyed the math lesson and blue print lesson. There were many other part time teachers and they all did a very through job of teaching the topic on hand.

My hats off to all the part-time staff that helped while we were on the floor. The patience, the time and knowledge they all shared freely was very helpful and appreciated!! This goes for the steel and aluminum part- timers! Thanks to Brandon, Will, Eniso, and Justin!

Mr. Bryant and Mr. Jemison were the strong backbones! They each gave time, effort and concern as I started to learn how to use all this new equipment. I must admit the oxyfuel cutting had me a little worried ( ok, ALOT worried) but that night at class when we did the hands on, we were in small groups and once I felt comfortable and safe with the procedures it was a piece of cake. Both instructors were very knowledgeable of the steel industry and shared their knowledge and experiences! I appreciate the honesty of how physically demanding the welding jobs are, the environment welders work in and the challenges welders face. All this information was shared by both gentleman, and again for a person like me who is not in the industry it was very helpful.

Mr. Hopper thank you for all your support and time you gave me through out the 15 weeks, it really made me think and give me confidence in completing the class! Your organization and program are outstanding!

Ms. Kearton was a vital link in helping and supporting everyone in the class. She made herself available to the night class and set up different companies to come and speak to us, which was very informative! She offered her assistance in looking over our resumes and improving them, which made a big impact on many of my peers in the class getting an interview! Her guidance, time and honesty were very valuable!

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend this class and it was an amazing experience!

Please stay in touch- Sandra Morris
Posted By: Sandra Morris
Hey heidi, I thought you and dale would like an update on how things are going for me. I am still working at performance contractors as a tacker making $17, which Is great. Although the training was fantastic at Aidt, I was not even close to being the $28 dollar an hour pipe welder that they are looking for. I'm learning a lot and I am currently in performances pipe welding class that lasts for 8 weeks. I Believe that Aidt has put me in a great position to start at a great company and progress into becoming a valued tradesmen. Of coarse, a person in my position that wants to be a true pipe welder/fitter, you have to put in the work, stay humble, and show up. Thank yall again for the opportunity to teach me a trade so I can have a career that I can live on, I say nothing but good things and recommend AIDT to anyone that has asked me how to learn the trade.. I hope that this helps you in future endeavors to give advice to future students....tell dale I said hello and thank you. ........ Yalls friend, Mark
Posted By: Mark Duval
Previous Welding Program Participant
This is David Warner writing to thank you all for the great training you all provided me in the "Day Class #2". As you had heard before I left, I was hired on at Ingalls one step above entry level shipfitter. I attended their three week shipfitter training and with the knowledge and skill you provided, I ranked #1 in a class of 30 and received an almost $3 raise right off the bat!! Since graduating from their training, I've spent the last 6 or 7 weeks working in the "Shell Shop" where the training and knowledge you provided has served me well. I am now getting overtime and earning more money than I was managing a major chain restaurant and working far fewer hours doing so. My work leaderman has said that he wishes all new hires were as skilled and knowledgable as me, and in time, I expect to be my crews MVP.

I cannot thank you all enough for your time and dedication. You have provided me with the means to provide for my wife and kids. I am forever in your debt.
Posted By: David Warner
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how thankful I am and also the learning experience I had in the tig and pipe fitting classes. First of all, Y'all have a great facility. I always had the tools and materials I needed to learn the trade. The next thing about the classes is the instructors. It don't matter if you have the best facility in the world, you dont have anything without excellent instructors... and you sure do got em. They're a friendly group of guys and they ALWAYS come to class just as eager to teach us as we are to learning. My skill level has increased greatly due to them. Well its about time for me to get back to work. Thanks again for everything.
Posted By: Brandon McCullough
Ever since I completed the welding school in august mine and my family's life have been soo much better and happier.

I just want to thank you on behalf of me and my family for the opportunity to learn a trade and get a jumpstart on my wonderful new career. The program was amazing and I can never be thankful enough for it. Since I have gotten employed at Ingalls Shipbuilding, not only have I been able to provide a better living for my family, but I have also had the blessing of being able to learn new welding processes and further my knowledge of the craft. I have now learned and been certified on carbon pulse arc, and stainless steel fluxcore.

May God bless you, J.D, Donnie, and all the other instructors at AIDT. I hope that MANY other students will come through yall and take what yall teach them and make an impact on this craft because there is such a need in the industry, and there is no better place to come through than AIDT. So I hope to see yall soon for the pipe class to advance my career and my life. Thanks and God bless.
Posted By: Noah Dixon
Former Student

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