Here are some testimonials from our clients:

.....all the instructors were most helpful and I've met and made some great friends who I still hang out with this day. Thank You for this opportunity and I will be back for more classes in the not so distant future!
Posted By: Fred Hildesheim
Former Student
I wanted to write you and tell you what an asset AIDT has been for me. Last summer I was an unemployed college graduate with an uncertain future. A friend happened to tell me about a free structural welding class through AIDT. I signed up, and several weeks later, I was knee-deep in slag. In 15 weeks, the instructors provided me with a practical knowledge of flux core welding, which was no easy task. The best part about the program, though, was that I was able to test for a job at VT Halter Marine, starting out at about $16 per hour, with as much overtime as I wanted.

I have truly enjoyed welding, and in the last few months I have been able to advance my knowledge and career with the pipe welding program offered at AIDT. The skills I learned from the class have allowed me to obtain a position with Technip here in Mobile at $28 an hour. My new job is more than I could have asked for, and I have the Maritime Training Center to thank for it. I really appreciate the opportunity you and the other instructors have given me. The education I have received has been invaluable, and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to take more classes at AIDT in the future.
Posted By: Chris Keck
Former Student
I want to express my thoughts on the Fitter/Welder class ending on 6/27/13. The classroom time and continued testing on the fundamentals of welding and fitting instilled by the instructors have prepared me more for the real industrial workplace. I have been to college and the material that was taught in our AIDT class was thorough as some professors and easy for any high school graduate to understand. The years of experience the instructors have has helped us to prepare for the unexpected situations that might happen in the workplace. All of the instructors were helpful and courteous yet firm and fair in handling people issues. I began to inform individuals about the class weeks ago in order to help others enter the industry through AIDT. Due to unfortunate situations specific to our class, I know I didn't get to maximize my fitting skills, but I got a great base to start . The format to make it shipyard hours, rules, and regulations helped to develop a competitive ,survival of the fittest mentality among my classmates. I definitely benefitted greatly from the class and will be applying to continue my education there as well as some of my classmates. Thanks for all of your help, Maurice R. Cole (Mo)
Posted By: Maurice R. Cole
Former Student

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We are an NCCER accredited training unit under the Gulf State Shipbuilders Consortium and a member of the American Welding Society.
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The Maritime Training Center was designed to meet the growing demand for industrial-related training for the sourthern region of Alabama, and provide job seekers with the qualifications and skills needed to join the growing maritime-related industries.