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NCCER Structural Fitting & Structural Welding


240 hours

Min Attendee


Max Attendee




Welding Safety (29101): Covers safety equipment, protective clothing, and procedures applicable to the cutting and welding of metals.

Oxyfuel Cutting (29102): Explains the safety requirements for oxyfuel cutting. Identifies oxyfuel cutting equipment and setup requirements. Explains how to light, adjust, and shut down oxyfuel equipment. Trainees will perform cutting techniques that include straight line, piercing, bevels, washing, and gouging.

SMAW Equipment & Setup (29107): Describes SMAW welding and welding safety. Explains how to connect welding current and setup arc welding equipment. Identifies and explains using tools for cleaning welds.

Reading Welding Detail Drawings (29202): Identifies and explains welding detail drawings. Describes lines, fills, object views, and dimensioning on drawings. Explains how to use notes on drawings and the bills of materials.

GMAW & FCAW Equipment & Filler Metals (29205): Describes general safety procedures for GMAW and FCAW. Identifies GMAW and FCAW equipment and explains the filler metals and shielding gases used to perform GMAW and FCAW. Explains how to set up and use GMAW and FCAW equipment and how to clean GMAW and FCAW welds.

NCCER Structural Fitting also:

  • Introduces layout tools, fitting tools, and fitting aids used to fit up and align plate joints.
  • Incorporates hands-on tasks through which the beginning fitter will learn how to perform basic layout, alignment, and fit-up tasks.
  • Covers interpretation of fabrication and installation drawings.
  • Explains fit-up tasks and inspection of finished work. Also covers structural accessories, proper measuring techniques, and creating a materials list.


Students must:

  • be 18+
  • be eligible to work in the US
  • Describe basic welding processes, the welding trade, and training/apprenticeship programs
  • Identify PPE related to the welding trade
  • Identify welding safety practices related to specific hazards or environments
  • Describe oxyfuel cutting & related safe work practices
  • Identify oxyfuel cutting equipment and consumables
  • Set up, light, and shut down oxyfuel equipment
  • Perform various oxyfuel cutting procedures
  • Describe SMAW related safety practices and explain how electrical characteristics apply to SMAW
  • Identify, set up, and start SMAW equipment
  • Identify welding detail drawings along with basic drawing elements and features
  • Interpret dimensional information, notes, and a bill of materials
  • Describe GMAW/FCAW processes and related safety practices
  • Describe GMAW/FCAW equipment and explain how to prepare for welding
  • Identify various GMAW and FCAW filler metals