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The Maritime Training Center focuses on craft training for individuals that will increase their knowledge of the industry, teach different industry-specific trade skills, and help them become more of a valuable applicant and employee for their employers.

Some classes that we offer are NCCER-certified. You can find these courses listed on the AIDT Careers page. 

Applying for or attending any AIDT training will not reduce or stop any government benefit, including unemployment, SNAP, or Tanf.

Available Training


Learn GTAW (TIG) and SMAW using NCCER curriculum.


Learn how to install and repair both high and low-pressure pipe systems using NCCER’s pipefitting curriculum.


Work with design programs used in the maritime industry such as AutoCAD® and ShipConstructor®.


Structural Fitter

Learn about cutting and burning processes, preparing base metal for welding, how to judge weld quality, SMAW, and proper fitting and inspection procedures.

Intro to Maritime Industry

Learn the basics of the Maritime Industry.


Learn the principles of safety within Maritime and Industrial sectors.

Selection Process

How to apply for training

When applications are submitted, the computer automatically scores them and they are ranked from highest to lowest score.  The applications with the highest scores undergo a review process.  Approximately 100 applicants are invited to attend orientation.  Then 32 trainees will be selected and invited to attend class.  Those not selected after attending orientation will be notified by email.

Participants must be at least 18 years of age and older and eligible to work in the US.

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What is a Structural Shipfitter?/Learn from a former student

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Frequently asked questions regarding our center, applying for training, and other pertinent info.