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Course Offerings for Company Clients & Individuals

Below is a listing of the training courses currently offered at our center. All of our courses are available to both our company clients and individuals.

Computer-Aided Drafting

Computer-Aided Drafting curriculum allows students to work with design programs used within the Maritime Industry, such as AutoCAD and ShipConstructor.

Introductory Classes

Students will learn types of welding and various welding procedures. Please note that Introductory Classes do not provide enough training to secure employment.

Math and Measurement (formerly Maritime Foundations)

Students will learn about the basics of math, measurement, and metrics.

NCCER Core Curriculum

NCCER Core Curriculum is a competency-based, industry-recognized program for career and technical education. 


Students will learn Gas Tungsten Arc Welding GTAW (TIG) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding -SMAW welding using NCCER Curriculum.  

NCCER Structural Fitting & Structural Welding

Students will learn about cutting and burning processes, preparing base metal for welding, how to judge weld quality, SMAW, and proper fitting & inspection procedures.

Quality Control

Students will learn to use various methods and tools to inspect materials, welds, and structures for faults and defects.

Safety Skills

Students will learn how to safely operate a variety of industry used machines, such as aerial lift, forklift, and overhead crane. We also offer NCCER Fire Watch and Basic Rigging.