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Nondestructive Testing: Radiographic Film Interpretation

Quality Control


40 hours

Min Attendee


Max Attendee




Nondestructive Testing: Radiographic Film Interpretation covers a variety of topics including:

  • Principles of Radiography
  • Image Formation
  • Films and Processing
  • Fundamental Aspects of Radiographic Quality
  • Radiation Safety and Protection
  • Exposure Factors
  • Radiographic Quality of Assessment
  • Principles of Radiation
  • Nature and Properties of Ionizing Radiation
  • Sources of Radiation for Radiography
  • Principles of Radiographic Image Formation
  • Radiographic Sensitometry
  • Relative Merits of X and Gamma Rays
  • Exposure Factors
  • Radiographic Interpretation
  • Basic Welding Processes
  • Fabrication Defects
  • In-service Defects

Students must:

  • be 18+
  • be eligible to work in the US
  • have completed Nondestructive Testing: Visual Testing
  • Understand the Radiographic process and how images are recorded on film
  • Identify film quality via parameters like sensitivity, density, contrast, and overall clarity
  • Identify weld flaws and the methods they are associated with
  • Identify types of weld flaws as they present on film
  • Differentiate between relevant and nonrelevant indications
Nondestructive Testing: Visual Testing